Censorship machine “comes, Merkel puts pressure against coalition agreement, MEPs informed

Critically called “censorship machine” device called upload filter comes with full force. We recently reported about it. The uploading of content (texts, videos, photos) on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Co should probably be much more difficult and also massively restricted for “normal” users in the future. If you have never heard the word uploadfilter, please read it here again.

Merkel wants the “censorship machine”

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Chancellery and apparently also Angela Merkel have personally exerted pressure that the “censorship machine” for the Internet at European level but comes, although the European Parliament had originally rejected it. And it comes, although in the coalition agreement with the SPD quite clearly and unequivocally exactly the opposite was agreed. An EU member of the SPD has clearly highlighted the section again, and comments in the following current video interview on the latest events.

Monday the 11th of February, according to his statements, will be the decisive day. Therefore, all those who are against this massive restriction in the network, until Monday massively exert pressure on emails, phone calls and more. You can contact your competent MEPs, Ministries and Chancellery in Berlin. Just put pressure, the mass makes an impression! But if it really will help a lot? Again: Apparently, contrary to the clear coalition agreement with the SPD, the Chancellors threw their “directive competence” as Chancellor into the ring and simply said that they want to have this law at EU level – ready. Would the SPD break up the coalition for this matter? Hardly – probably thinks the chancellors – and will be right?

What can you do?

Now only the individual MEPs can resist this, because as “individuals” they can make a different decision (as requested by Angela Merkel) in a final vote, which will probably be held in April. But still, in three days will be a decisive day. Why, what, why exactly – listen to the best in the following current video. By the way … even the Bertelsmann Group (a giant in the media business) has currently opposed this censorship machine, even though it was supposed to help companies like Bertelsmann.

Here is the second vote from the European Parliament. Rejected in the first attempt, the parliamentarians voted in September for the new law but squeeze, after a revision. It is now about to be completed, but without much deviation.

Source: finanzmarktwelt.de

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